Timisoara, Cultural Capital of 2021

Timisoara, Cultural Capital of 2021

The echoes of awarding Timişoara the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021 have not yet ceased, echoes that, with regret, we find some of them have already turned into polemics. Why Timisoara, why not Cluj or Bucharest? We will not enter any endless discussion on this topic, we will not be lamenting that the online tourism profile and hotels – HORECA – have silenced the information of the moment.

We will only say that for us, at Hotel Savoy in Timisoara, the title is an incentive. It is not a prize but an impulse to become a better, more attractive, more European hotel, if we are allowed to say so. Being part of the European elite and hosting the elites that will visit us is a pride!

The meaning of the title 
The annual designation of a European city to become the cultural pole of the continent began in 1985. European officials believe that this title is more mute than honor, giving it an impetus to economic development, as it results from the first more lucid reactions the press and those involved. The European Capital of Culture title was awarded on the basis of a dossier and following a competition, not based on political games. „It’s a title for a lifetime and not for a year,” as Steve Green, the president of the jury who made Timisoara the European capital.

Timisoara will open (hopefully) enough investment opportunities and the hotel industry will prosper. We are convinced that all the accommodation areas in the city will be prized, and in every hotel will be a desire for self-service, displaying its services. Every hotel in the city will contribute, we are sure of this, to the future tourist outlook of the city.

We also believe that the construction of the bypass belt in the southern part of Timisoara will be called into question. It seems that the authorities want to force the government in this direction, and the local government has already prepared another type of request, of course we are talking about street protests. The city belt will develop both existing and future investments, including tourism and hotels.

A first effect: tourism development
Timisoara hotel managers, as well as decision-makers from the local government, will benefit from the experience of Sibiu after it was designated as the European capital of culture in 2007. Since then, tourism has become the main source of income for the Siberians. The hotel tax brought over two million lei to the administration in Sibiu in the year 2012.

The hotel tax is, however, only a small part of the funds a city can attract from Timişoara, a city with many hotels and accommodation of a whole different size compared to the Transylvanian town. Other investments are expected, and a first figure that is already advanced for the 20121 preparation is 50 million euros. But we are convinced that it will be easily overcome, not so much from the budget, but especially from the private sphere.

As it is well known, Sibiu and the adjacent area has prospered significantly after 2007, the only worse year being some of the big financial crises, in 2008. But afterwards, the city has been growing more and more solid year after year. Timisoara, for its tourism and business potential, we do not doubt that it will cope well with the effects of its designation as a European capital will be much more important.


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